Glassprimer™ has undergone extensive research to create Glass Etching Paint. This paint looks and feels exactly like sandblasted etched glass that has been sandblasted with 220 grit abrasive (sand). Glassprimer™ Glass Etching Paint is very easy to use with hand cut stencils, sign cutter/plotter cut stencils and stencils simply made from painters tape. There is no risk of the paint peeling up with the stencil when removing the stencil after the paint is dry. Glassprimer™ Glass Etching Paint is easy to use, very versatile in application methods, and is very durable.

Glassprimer™ Glass Etching Paint makes glass etching possible on-site in almost any location. No exhausting and expensive equipment like large air compressors, dangerous industrial sand blasters, extensive masking supplies, clean up supplies, and much more… Glass Etching Paint makes creating one of a kind custom etched glass entry doors, etched glass mirrors, etched glass panels, etched auto glass, etched marine glass, etched glass in the office etc… an easy application. Stencils are used with Glass Etching Paint just like sandblast glass etching, except much more inexpensive! To make a custom etched design on glass with Glass Etching Paint, Simply apply the stencil that you made either by hand, your stencil cutter, or purchased from us, apply it to glass, and paint over the exposed glass area of the stencil. Once the paint is dry (air dried in 10-24 hours) , just peel off the stencil to reveal your finished masterpiece. Its that easy!

Glassprimer™ Glass Etching Paint is scientifically formulated with unique glass surface molecular altering properties (nanotechnology) This technology ensures a permanent bond to glass with no extensive priming or glass surface preparation. Glassprimer™’s high performance alkyds and UV protective compounds ensure a durable finish that will not peel, fade, crack, de-laminate, resists water and scratching.

  • Glassprimer™ Glass Etching Paint should be applied with Mohair blend 3/16″ nap mini paint roller (6″ wide roller works well).

With Glassprimer™ Glass Etching Paint there is never paint / glass de-laminating issues due to atmospheric moisture and temperature changes commonly seen with paint on glass. Glassprimer™ glass paint has a superior bond and far outlasts any other etched glass or frosted glass paint on the market today. With Glassprimer™ Glass Etching Paint, once painted you can cut, drill, and edge glass without any paint chipping or peeling. Glassprimer™ glass paint has been superior to all other known products world wide after going through extensive third party painted glass sample comparison testing for: glass bonding performance, ease of use, weather-ability, durability,   and more!

GlassPrimer™ Glass Etching Paint enables you to add etch designs to any type of glass such as: annealed glass, low iron glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, cast glass, slumped glass, and more…


What applications can Etched Glass Paint be used for?

  • etched glass doors
  • etched glass gifts
  • etched glassware
  • etched glass table tops
  • etched glass entry doors
  • etched glass wall cladding
  • etched glass back splash
  • etched glass mirror escalator walls
  • etched glass mirror refrigerator doors
  • etched glass laundry wall treatments
  • etched glass picture frames
  • etched glass white boards
  • etched glass foyers
  • etched glass vanity tops
  • etched glass shower screens
  • etched glass furniture
  • etched glass wardrobe doors
  • etched glass mirror kitchen backsplash
  • etched glass mirror bathroom backsplash
  • etched glass commercial interiors
  • etched glass cabinet doors
  • etched glass signs
  • etched glass mirrors
  • etched glass spa walls
  • etched glass laboratory backsplash
  • etched glass partition
  • etched glass table top
  • etched glass bench top
  • etched glass pillars
  • etched glass mirror borders
  • etched glass spandrels
  • etched glass stairs

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