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Stencils make beautiful glass etchings easy!.

Stencils are used with Glass Etching Paint to ensure a beautiful effect.

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Glassprimer™ is featured with HGTV Designer David Bromstad. David, host of Color Splash, chose Glassprimer™ products for it’s quality and durability.


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Glass Etching made Easy!

Imagine being able to etch front entry doors on-site in any location without the need for a big messy sandblasting operation... With the Glassprimer™ Glass Etching Paint process, you can create stunning one of a kind custom etched designs in a fraction of the time it takes to sandblast! Easy roll on permanent bonding etched glass paint by Glassprimer™ makes etching glass easy!

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Click here to watch step by step how easy it is to create stunning one of a kind etched glass masterpieces in minutes with the Glassprimer™ Glass Etching Paint process!

Glass Etching Paint is used for…

Glass Etching Paint by Glassprimer™ is used world wide to create stunning one of a kind etched glass designs for residential and commercial decorative glass and privacy glass applications...


Use Glass Etching Paint with Plexiglass!

Glassprimer™ Glass Etching Paint can be used for making etched designs on plexiglass and other materials such as various types of clear polymers, acrylics, auto glass, and more... Bonding to other materials is excellent!

Paint Etched Glass Designs on any Glass Surface! is the #1 online resource for Glassprimer™ Glass Etching Paint. Use this paint to create decorative etched glass designs, privacy glass applications where light will transfer, architectural etched glass for design and privacy, and more. Paint directly over pre cut or hand cut stencils, let dry and remove stencil for a perfectly clean finish. No paint lifting, scratching, peeling, or cracking! Why do all the extremely messy, hazardous, back breaking work that is required for sandblast glass designs? Paint etched glass designs in minutes, save time and loads of money! Easy to use, cost effective, professional grade Etched Glass Paint.

We Supply Custom Made and Sized Pre Cut Stencils for your glass!

We have a design library of existing stencil designs that can be made to fit your etching paint project and through partnerships with leading designers, we can custom design and create etching paint stencils for you!

No Priming!

All Glassprimer™ Glass Paints are completely self priming. No surface priming or preparation is used at all with Glassprimer™ glass etching paint
. Just apply the paint to a clean glass surface to achieve the permanent Glassprimer™ glass paint bond

Frosted glass Paint looks and feels exactly like Sandblasted Etched Glass!

Glassprimer™ This etched glass paint looks and feels exactly like sandblasted etched glass but doesn't stain with finger prints and weathering like sandblasted etched glass!